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    Source molding tool factory Zhejiang province Yungkang City  source molding tool factory establishes in the 2000, being engaged in primarily the aluminum die-casting the mold manufacturing.My plant several in the last yearses is continuously creative with develop,making the my plant become the technique power strong, equipments forerunner, manage the good and well-known business enterprise.My plant the employee has the abundant productionexperience, it make the respect-work spirit that person admire.Can according to customer therequest design the manufacturing every kind of big, inside, the small scaled aluminum die-castings the mold.My plant principle" prestige the first, the customer is highest.With the management of the norm, good product, reasonable price, the high-quality after-sales service satisfies the customer.
    Main camp product or service:
    Process the manufacturing the big and medium-sized die-castinging the molding tool primarily,accept to die-casting at the same time the product process.
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